Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paint Night!

Clemmons Presbyterian Encore Art Shack night! 

I love when all of the paintings turn out different! These had neat details and custom colors.

And, my mom came!!! Who knew she could paint?? Not me, even though every ounce of creativity I owe to her :) 

Sweet friends & a fun night!

Art prayers

Life is: busy, full, chaotic.
I am: impatient, scatterbrained.
I seek: to know Jesus better. 
I pray.

I create in it all. 

I want you to fall in love with Jesus. I am imperfect beyond belief and He loves and pursues me in spite of this.  

I stop. And I create.
And I reflect, journal, doodle, and record life.

The song "come and see" by Mat Redman on repeat. Three colors on repeat. Thank you's being lifted on repeat.

Come and See.....

I would love for you to create with me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 3 @ the Art Shack!

Day 3!

Sweet girls working hard. Singing and chatting. And focused on small details!

William works fast! This boy can capture some details quick and well. I hope to see how he develops over time. He is only 8. This boy has a sweet gentle spirit.

Max, a spunky kindergartener! At first this boy said he wasn't a fan of paint or colored pencils, but he ended up having fun trying new things. I loved watching his boats evolve in a few short days. He captured some fun summertime memories.  

Amy has a great imagination and pays attention to small details! Look how awesome this little character is! Definitely would be awesome on products! Amy works hard and has focus that I admire.

Hannah! I love watching this girl grow. Not just in her artistic skills and patience but in her confidence! What a beautiful girl who will patiently work on anything that had to do with dogs :)

Isabela ~ Bela ~  had a great time exploring different materials and new images. Bela is thoughtful and nothing is done without care. I love the conversations about the meaning behind their art from the crosses to the color choices. 

Evan! Oh this boy makes me excited about my son Pax making art with me. He makes art fun and very boy! Evan is not scared to create and make a mark yet listens to suggestions well. A great imagination and super polite!

Reece, Emily, Savannah & Chatlotte more to come on you gals :)

And Alana, these kiddos are watching you! You are an inspiration and good company :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Camp 2014!

Patterns! Lions! Volcanos! Boats! Anchors! Flowers!

All in a day :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Art Prayers

I am addicted to art worship! Through art, I document life. Through art, I pray. Through art, I enjoy quiet time. 

These are a few of my most recent pages. I hope that one day I can encourage you to do the same. 

Above: in progress. What does it look like to be a good friend?

Above: clothe your heart with.....

Above: "I wish..." Not sure what is on my wish list yet. To be honest, I turn my wishes into prayers. God will give you the desires of your heart.

What does your heart desire?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stress Relief @ Work!!

This was truly fabulous!  Through Action Health with Baptist Hospital, the Art Shack was able to create with 10 folks on their lunch break!  In less than two hours (yes, an extended lunch "treat") these folks completed an art piece.  Some folks said they hadn't painted in years, and others at all.  I'm not sure I believe them because they all turned out FABULOUS.  

Seriously, work locations need to offer this to their employees.  Why?

Life is stressful.  Work is stressful.  And, a little fun at work, is good for the brain, heart, and mind.

Take a look....

The Art Shack is portable!  All materials can be brought to you!  
Groups need to be at least 6 folks, but up to 30 can be accommodated.

Music. Conversation. Art.
We bring music.
The one rule, is to not talk junk about how bad your art looks.
There is so much negative self talk in our days. Try to talk to yourself in a positive way.

"There were a million reasons why I shouldn't have come.  But, I knew I needed to,"  from the mouth of the first male artist with the Art Shack. 

This group of paintings seemed more successful than any of the 10+ groups I have worked with yet.  Yes, this was a "workshop" provided by Action Health. But, being during the work day, there were so many benefits for the employees.  They seemed more relaxed, and more in need of a stress-reliever.  Also, when we get home, the stresses of our personal lives come crashing in on us.  Having an experience like this DURING the work day, allowed adults to have fun without feeling the guilt of "time" that should be spent at home.  Home always suffers from the added time of work, bills, and house cleaning.  An at work stress reliever is a  HUGE blessing to employees!

I am also a teacher, so I know what it is like to work full time, and balance life.  
Days when there is a special treat, such as a lunch or coffee bar, the moral of the teachers and entire school is drastically better.

Employers, let's talk, and figure out how we can improve the mental health of your employees.
Small steps.
Elizabeth can be reached at 336-399-0707 or

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Soul searching said to revise the summer schedule a little bit.  I think this will be a great way for YOU all to break up the week.  And, a great way for the ART SHACK to offer a greater variety of classes, and spend more time with my growing-way-too-fast-kiddos!
***Call or e-mail to register! or 336-399-0707  (Elizabeth Miller)

EVERY TUESDAY from 9-12:00, $28/day
July 1, July 8, July 22, July 29, August 5
Open studio!  Give me a heads up on what you would like help with, and I will be ready to help with a canvas painting, realistic drawing, mixed media, watercolor, or I'll just have something ready for you!

ART SHACK week long camp from 9-12:00, $140/week
July 28-August 1
August 4-August 8

Pre-school Play Dates!
Call me to schedule a time &date; I will advertise on FB as well. Monday, Wednesday or Friday. 1 hour, or a little longer, depending on the project & attention span of the kiddos.  $15. (two kids $25; three kids $35 from the same family)
Options: Paint a canvas together
              Easels & Paint& smock time! (come ready to paint!)
              Cars+Paint=Fun for boys and girls!
              Tea Party, Fancy Nancy Style
                       **Dress up clothes, pretend tea party, and a Fancy Nancy Book & art project!
              Wall hanging.  Create a piece of art ready to be hung!

Schedule a graduation party! Retirement Party! Or just night out!
Paint a canvas. 2 hours. $20/person  A project will be decided ahead of time.